The Human Experience
Like sleeping with an ugly braud,
We stumble through life's boulevard.

Searching for that which we cannot name,
We fall as we try to avoid pain.

You do yourself a disservice.
Never settle for naught but best.
Take it.

Choose your friends well,
And your lovers better.

For the power of a friend's touch
Is to help us or enslave us.

Don't acknowledge limitations,
Reach reach for the heights of creation.

When the clouds are hanging low,
And maybe you stub your toe,

Then, and only then will you find
The strength in the human endeavor.

Death Bed Forgiveness
I said I will always love you
That is a promise I will keep

My mind is full of fond memories
And your pictures still make me weak

I hoped we could be biffles
-Perhaps we shall
But I don't want your pity
-I'm not weak

I give you power in my poems
I acknowledge your control

I need an exorcism
To do what I know is right

So with this magic spell
I reclaim what is mine

You know how to contact me
I like to think that you might

But we both need more time
To heal our wounded hearts

I'll be here ever waiting
For that day we meet again

May there be tears of joy
Of friendship rekindled
No bones in the closet
To haunt our waking day

I pray it comes quickly
Calamity makes a claim

Those special moments always seem to last forever, until of course, it is over. The true art is not in falling in love, because that is outside of our ability, but rather in knowing when to let go (and actually doing it).

Escaping Slavery (title suggestions welcome)
Happiness is fleeting at best
And pain will fade like the rest

Let friendship sustain our hearts
With no strings
Be present in the moment
You and me

The sky is blue and the sun is bright
Hugging trees is just practice - you'll see

A picnic is best when you share more than bread
Peace may come from within but friendship helps too

So let go of your anger
Let go of all hate

Discard the tree and find a hug
Smile and sing
You will be free to be happy
chains slip away

The Night Reigns Supreme
The lights in our eyes,
Cause no one surprise.

The beat makes me tremble,
The bass will never die.

I feel ecstatic,
The moon reigns above.

Our bodies move faster,
Our souls meld together.

As the night weakens,
The sun begins to show.

On all of our faces,
An expression of love.

Talking To You
A one sided fight,
You are always right.

It matters not to me
this day,
Who will have victory
I'll stay.

Love is fickle and love is free,
Sweet is the taste of liberty.

You say that you love me,
So I will let you be.

Rather than push my ideas,
Of what friendship means to me.

ITS ALIVE! *in a crazy evil scientist voice*
I have brought this journal back to life because I am tired of the shitty microblogging service offered by Facebook. I have also come to realize that I began my Facebook account to maintain casual relationships with people, and due to a lack of a better venue, it turned into a place where I caught myself airing my dirty laundry. I know nobody wants to deal with my drama, so I am going to throw it over here.

This was also my very first journal. I started it when I was about 14 years old, exploring life and philosophy in all of its complexities. I am still on that journey and therefore found it only appropriate to come here to find my shelter when I need some place to store my thoughts.


As I sit here in the store;
My mind is full of thoughts galore.

Of life full of depth and hidden meaning;
Meant to be pondered on nice evenings.

Love is deep and I don't let go;
So I write here for all to know.

My mind is alive and I have dreams;
Of things I have yet to bring to be.

You shall hear my whispers;
And hear my cries or cheers.

So stay and listen, if you dare;
But do not judge if you care.

If you leave I'll let you be;
My reflections are for me.

Welcome to The Realm of Random Insanity!

(no subject)

I thought I knew you
I know I loved you
Were all the things you told me lies?

I thought I knew you
I touched you and felt you
We talked, what did I miss?

We were so similiar
By watching you I found me
I thought I knew you...

You never figured it out,
I was for real. I am still here
I love you

Something else I don't know if it is part of that poem, but it was something I thought of right after writing the above

Chemical paradoxes inside me head;
I want to hate you, but I still love you;
But my love doesn't inspire me to forgive
You will not ask, you do not care
Perhaps you do not even see?

NM, I have decided to officially give up...I can be lame like everybody and just post little quiz things, and non personal news things...but that would defeat the purpose of having a journal in the first place.

I haven't updated in awhile, mainly because why should I? I figured that since this is my journal, for me to read (not that I care if others read it) and my life has been pretty busy lately so it would be pretty hard to explain everything. Nothing *REALLY* bad, but just alot. I somehow mustered up enough self control to sit down and update, and will do my best to explain my life for the last month :-D.
I'm going to also try to get more active, and make my journal setup a bit more interesting.


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