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"Breaking Out", and notes
I'm done with your names
I am done with your games

Prejudice in disguise
-Just look into my eyes

It is natural to label
I am guilty and able

"Stupid housies", "She wears pink", "He drives a car"
Don't fit a mold? Then you'll never be on par.

I hug trees, and I drink teas
I will do as I please

Do hippies tweak, or geeks swim in creeks?
Short hair, long hair, what is really there?

So withdraw your opinion,
of my life and religion

First impressions are what they are
Let go of them if they mar


I'll be first to say it
I am a hypocrite
Help me get over it

So don't park your Hummer
It will be a bummer
Without windows

I'll try not to get carried away
Go to Starbucks and get your par-fet
Don't worry about me, I'll just say
"Oh well"

I am not perfect, but I will do my best
Though I may still jest, about those yuppie pests

At least your car isn't burning.

This poem definitely did not turn out as intended. Everyone is looking for the same thing, we are all doing the best we can with what we have learned in life and what we have. When I look at individuals this is easy enough to accept. These are my friends and family. But when I look at larger market trends, the media and life style choices (usually at the cost of those less fortunate), I can't help but be disgusted.

It is difficult for me to be completely accepting because I am not sure where to properly draw the line between our duty to be socially responsible and the freedom to live life the way we wish.


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