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Ninette "lux corner"
You can talk your trash
It won't make you cash

Spout your revisionist history
People are not blind
Like a campaign for presidency
Truth is on my side

Of course you will win
People are your lens

They will let you wallow
In pity
Sheeple like to swallow

That does not make you right
Your life is not a fight

I fell for it awhile
But you are full of bile

You knew I only date vegetarians
Go eat your fish Miss Pescatarian

I don't really care she's a pescatarian, but I do care that she is tarnishing my name in my absence. What I find most interesting is I don't really feel angry right now, and when I do it is more because I expect myself to feel angry. But my head just feels off from drinking last night and I am smoking a cigarette.


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